National League of MPT-Myanmar 1 Resumed on 22 August

From August 22nd to the first week of October MPT-Myanmar National League 1.

2020 Because of the outbreak of COVID 19 in March this year, the National League of Myanmar football matches were postponed and it has been about 5 months.

COVID 19 has tremendous effects on the country’s football industry and many challenges have been faced by football club owners, administrators and players. This impacts footballers’ wages, halting player training, and losses of soccer clubs.

Therefore, the organization needs to restart its activities as early as possible in compliance with the Minister for Health and Sports’ health orders, U Soe Moe Kyaw, CEO of the Myanmar National League said that the event will continue to advance the football sector and restore the financial loss to football clubs.

“We’ve planed to set up a quarantine center and set quarantine for 240 players of 8 MNL hostels to resume matches.” CEO Soe Moe Kiaw, Myanmar National League, said “To resume matches. The training will be carried out in the five Myanmar Football Federation complexes for players of the respective teams. In compliance with MoHS guidelines, all football clubs must remain in the camps during the case.

Yangon United Sports Centre, team plans, training courses and the Thuwant to Football Stadium have been investigated, and activities resumed on 13th July by the officials from the Ministry of Health and Sport.

All activities will take place at three locations in Yangon, added MNL CEO, when the MNL football matches resume.

“With a long schedule, club owners will face financial difficulties due to the length of the contract and wages, we need to restart the event as soon as possible. Chef of the Myanmar National League, Soe Moe Kyaw. Both matches will take place in Thuwant to Stadium, Yangon United Complex and Yangon Padonma Complex.

Soccer matches are broadcast on TV channels without any live audience. Both case procedures shall be carried out in compliance with COVID-19 prevention safety guidance.