Grade 7 & 4 training courses opened in Mandalay

On Munday in conjunction with the opening ceremony of the Grade 4 Face to Face City Level Training Course the Grade-7 Online Training for the District Level has taken place at No. 27 Basic Education Highschool in Pyigyitagun City of the Mandalay Region.

“Together we are opening two courses today, Grade 7 and Grade 4 in front of Face Township level, Education Officer, Pyigyitagun Township, Swe Swe San. Depending on the subject, the trainers are arranged and ten topics are carried out.

The grade 4 face-to – face training program was clarified by an official for the academic year 2020–2021.

Min Swe said, “We ‘re going to perform grade-4 to face-to – face city level training for the new 2020-2021 academic year curriculum for 6 days. for this new academic year. This course consists of 358 trainees. We conduct the training in accordance with the set schedule, arrange 18 training rooms and allow only 20 trainees to keep social distance.

16 apprentices attend grade-7 online district-level training and 358 apprentices participate in grade four in facing city-level training.