Results of the Basic Education Level Exam

On Saturday, test results were released for basic education schools.

The results of the test can be announced on this April day because of the spread of the COVID-19.

Arrangements for the protection of disease COVID-19 and ensuring the practice of social distancing in schools have also been made.

About 40,000 students attended basic school exams in the 2019-2020 academic year in the North Okkalapa Township.

Student, No.(4) Basic Education Middle School, North of the Okkalapah district, Zarni said, “I have completed Grade-9 exams and I am very pleased. If the schools are reopened, we will follow preventive COVID-19 steps such as hand washing and masks


The preparations for reopening secondary school classes are underway on 21 July and preparatory steps are under way to meet the COVID-19 prevention guidance.

Mi Mi Myint said “We have arranged to reopen school according to the school situation, the number of teachers and students, and there are over 1000 students and we have arranged the opening of classes for two shifts per alternate week. We have arranged 20 students in each classroom,” she said.

It is also learned that reusable masks and face covers are given to students as well as textbooks and exercise books.