Free Border Children’s Education for Myanmar

In the neighboring town of Ruili, in Yunnan Province Southwest of China, children from villages near the Myanmar-China border learn at the college.

One such school is Yinjing Elementary School, with more than 30 percent of the students ‘ total number hosting thousands of Myanmar students.

“I love to study at this college, as the campus is lovely. Myanmar student, Jie En said. I can also learn different stuff and play here with many peers.

While students from both countries receive the same training and equal treatment when dressed differently.

The Myanmar children do not have to pay tuition fees, just like their Chinese counterparts. Free breakfast and other services are also offered.

“I like to be friends with my Myanmar classmates, Chinese student Ai Tun said. We play Sepak Takraw and basketball regularly and do homework.

Xiang Molao, Myanmar student said, “I like my instructors. I trust them. It’s so good for me. They still support me when I’m having problems. “Although many of the students here come from two continents, they have the same roots as Dai. The school also provides special classes for them, in addition to the regular curricula.

Sun Jialiang, head teacher of the Yinjing elementary school of Ruili, said “We’re teaching them our own languages with our own books of Chinese, Myanmar and Dai. We aim to promote further exchanges and friendships in languages and ethnic cultures from an early age.

Families believe that a good partnership will provide better opportunities for children between these two countries.

“My home is near China,” said Mother Jie En. Senior Sun said that education in this way is a symbol of great love, which will help to build a lastting relationship for generations to come. We are sending our daughter to this school to learn more and make a better living in the future.