UEC, Institute for Peace of the United States, General Election for 2020

A briefing on preparations for general election safety in 2020 was organized by the Union Election Commission and United States Institute of Peace.

The meeting in Nay Pyi Taw on Thursday was attended by Members of the Union Election Commission and sub-election commissions, as well as officials from the departments of public administration, the Myanmar Police Force and the United States Peace Institute.

In his remarks, UHla Thein, President of the Union Electoral Commission, stressed arrangements for autonomy, equality, openness, the majority acceptance and coherence with the demand of the public at the 2020 general elections. He asked for help. He called.

He also emphasized, in the conduct of election security process, the importance of electoral law, bylaw, guidelines and code of conduct. The President also demanded protection from the dissemination of hate talk and falsified news in social media. Jason Tower also gave an email to the country representative of the United States Peace Institute.