PRC Foundation’s 70th Anniversary in Yangon

On Thursday evening at the Whyndam Grand Hotel in Yangon the commemoration ceremony was organized for the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the People’s Republic of China (PRC).

The Chief Minister of Yangon Region, U Phyo Min Thein and wife, Mr Chen Hai, Chinese Ambassador to Myanmar and many other invited visitors observed and thanked the ceremony.

The Chinese Ambassador to Myanmar stated in his comments that China is ready to pursue powerful friendships, development initiatives and cooperation ties to Myanmar.

Mr. Hai, Chinese ambassador in Myanmar said: “China and Myanmar have deep friendship with Pauk-Phaw and are a community of common future, connected to mountains and rivers.

” In addition to the tangibles for the peoples of both countries, the Belt and Road Initiative and China–Myanmar Econo are jointly being created by China and Myanmar in order to develop friendly and cooperative relations with Burma on the basis of the five principles of peaceful coexistence and help to achieve internal peace, national reconciliation and development in Burma.

“Myanmar implements a one-way belt and one-way initiative by debating and exchanging interactive thoughts between rulers between the two organizations,” said the Minister of Yangon Region, U Phyo Min Thein. Recently, in 12 industries headed by the State Counsellor, we have began cooperating with China. I also look to the Chinese-Myanmar friendship for a better future. “Next year marks the 70th anniversary of China-Myanmar diplomatic ties.