Buddha Sasana Advocacy and Propagation

In combination with the Sannaspathra title award ceremony, in Sri Salavana Bodhi Viharaya, Kandy, Sri Lanka the Dhammakaya foundation from Thailand arranged a ceremony for the establishment of auspicious stones for the Udhakukkhepa Seema in Sri Lanka.

The Foundation opens the National College of Education in Kandy at the University of Sri Lanka Mahawili.

Since many decades Myanmar and Sri Lanka have developed close ties, and both nations have increased mutual respect and comprehension. It has long since been a bond of friendship and an encouragement of Buddhism-based relations.

“Myanmar and Sri Lanka are linked to culture and religion, in particular Buddhism,” said Ambassador, Embassy of Myanmar in Sri Lanka, Mr. Han Thu. It makes me very pleased that our Buddhist monks and laypeople in Sri Lanka have received the excellent religious titles. Myanmar government also donated elephants for religious occasions to the government of Sri Lanka. Currently over 600 Myanmar Buddhist monks and about 40 Myanmar religious are studying Bachelor’s, Master’s and Ph. D’s at the Buddhist Universities in Sri Lanka. I am happy that we are able to see Shwe Than Lwin Company donated for ordination.

President Karu Jayasuriya, Sri Lankan Parliament said “This is a very unique occasion for us. Sri Lankan parliament. I am very pleased to hear the distinguished Myanmar delegations….. We are both Theravada countries…… We must work together and work together to spread Buddhism. We must work together. The Myanmar Buddhist monks and lay people also got the honorable religious title in the ceremony. There’s a lot of faith, a lot of demand for Buddhism.

Founder, Dhammaduta Buddhist University, Dr. Ashin Pannyissara said “I received honorable outstanding awards presented by the Sri Lanka government and religious organizations for the efforts for prorogation and promotion of the Buddha Sasana in Myanmar. I also got M.A degree in Sri Lankha for long time ago. I founded Dhamaduta meditation center and Dhammaduta Buddhist University in Myanmar.”

Member, State Sangha Mahanayaka Committee, Dr. Tejobhasabhivamsa said “I received outstanding religious title. I also pleased that the religious leaders and government are working hand-and-hand for the promotion of Buddha Sasana. I will try hard for the propagation of Buddha Sasana in my country.”

The ceremony was attended by over 500 Venerable monks from the country and overseas, Sri Lankan government officials and invited visitors from neighboring nations.