Ministry of Transport and Communications

On Monday at the Nay Pyi Taw Information Ministry, the Ministry of Transport and Communications, Ministry of Social Security, Help and Resettlement, and the Ministry of Industry held a joint press conference on their business in the third one-year period.

The Press Conference was conducted by the Union Minister of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement, the Ministry of Communications and permanent Secretaries of the Ministry of Transportation and Industry.

The Minister of the Union stressed the project of the Mother’s and Child’s cash transfer in Chin, Rakhine, Kayah and Kayin and Naga’s self-administered area in regard to the Social Welfare, Aid and Resettlement Ministerial.

225 youth development centres, 12 disability centre, 80 elderly homes, 13 women’s centres, and 1,025 self-care nursery schools were provided with cash assistance of 2,299 million kyat.

The Department has built up 220 multimedia shelters, rebuilt 12,000 houses in 6 states and areas to withstand heavy winds and supplied 140 boats and over 10,000 life jacks with funding from the Natural Disaster Management Committee.